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CSA 2015

Dragonfly Community Supported Agriculture

2015 CSA Member Applications (returning)

2015 CSA Member Applications (new)


Become a part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


By joining the Dragonfly Farms CSA, members directly support local agriculture and contribute

to the operation of small farms. Without small and local producers,

people would have to grow their own food or shop at specialty markets for local and fresh produce.

The fruit and vegetables that our csa provides is local-grown, in-season, and ripe.


At Dragonfly Farms, we practice integrated pest management and use natural farming techniques.

Each year, we sacrifice crops to insects, deer, and other indigenous wildlife,

grow an abundance of flowers to encourage pollination,

and use compost tea on our fruit and vegetables.

We rotate our crops, employ row cover, companion plant,

and use a rain recovery system to conserve water.

Our farm model reflects the philosophy of working

with our environment, and not against it.


Dragonfly Local and Fresh CSA


All plans include weekly shares of fresh items that are wholesome, tasty, and locally-produced.

We guarantee members will receive a variety of local fruit and vegetables,

some of which come from our network of reliable, conscientious producers, and nearby small farms.

Much of what we grow is produced naturally, sustainable, bio-dynamic, or chemical-free.

Members are not required to work for their fruit and vegetables; and, there is no fee to join. 

Major Benefits


Enjoy a variety of fresh and locally-grown vegetables.

Taste fresh-picked fruit direct from the grower.

Access some of the most nutritious and tasty produce in the area

Support your local agricultural economy by patronizing farms directly.

Become part of the Slow Food and Green movements.

Reduce your carbon imprint and its impact on our environment.

No membership fee to join our csa.

No work required to obtain your produce.

CSA Questions & Answers 


What makes the Dragonfly Farms CSA different?

Dragonfly Farms offers local, fresh, in-season produce. We draw from a network of local farmers

to provide wholesome, tasty, and minimally-processed food.

Our csa brings a wide range of food items closer to consumers who value

the nutrition of their food, their time, and leisure.

We don't ask members to do time on the farm or do our work for us by volunteering.

No rhetoric or explanations; we are a working farm with a real name and location.


Why do I have to pay in advance?

The following is indicative of some basic expenses that have to be paid 60-150 days

before we harvest and deliver your weekly shares: seed, fertilizer, irrigation, fuel, mulch, labor,

utilities, taxes, packaging supplies, office supplies, delivery costs, licenses, permits, insurance,

transportation costs, and various farm services. As a member of our csa, you help share these costs.

By becoming a shareholder, you form a relationship with local farm producers,

support sustainable farming, learn to cook and eat in-season,

and help create a stable source of revenue for small agricultural producers.


What will my weekly share contain?

Typically, each share will consist of an average of 7-10 different items.

Please see our Availability List for the different items that may be available for that period.

All fruits and vegetables are fresh picked and locally grown.

The quantity will vary during the season and we cannot determine how much members will eat.

We can give examples of what we will provide; but,

it is up to each member to decide if their share will be adequate for their family.


Can I choose what will be in my share?

We can arrange substitutions when you sign up and

we can make changes up until the time of delivery;

but, we cannot guarantee the outcome of crops season to season.

We strive to provide our shareholders with not only quality and service

but also the flexibility of our program to match their lifestyle.


What if I cannot pick-up my weekly share or miss a week?

Pick-ups are the responsibility of the shareholder.

We will try to work with vacation and emergency situations.

If you arrange for someone other than yourself to pick-up, please notify us.  

If you miss a week, you may arrange a makeup.

All missed weeks must be made up before the end of the season.

We cannot carryover any missed week/shares into the fall or spring.


Can I sign-up for a half share?

In 2014, we are offering half shares consisting of full shares distributed every other week.
Contact us for details.

What is the Bread, Cheese, and Egg Option?

This option includes fresh artisanal bread made by one of our network partners.

Our cheese is also made by a small Maryland creamery; and,

the farm eggs are large, brown, come from humanely-raised hens.

All of these items are local, from nearby producers, and are distributed every other week.

One final note: we suggest that members prepare and store their fruit and vegetables
as soon as possible to get the most out of their weekly shares.
Our produce is not chemically-processed and
will not keep unless prepared for storage.

All shares come in recyclable, wax cardboard boxes.

Fruit/Vegetable Availability


Beans, bush: June-September

Beets:May, September-November

Broccoli: September-November

Cabbage: September-November

Cauliflower: September-November

Corn: July-October

Cucumbers: June-October

Collard Greens: September-November 

Eggplant: July-October

Herbs: June-November

Kale: June-November

Lettuce & Salad Greens: May-June,


Okra: July-September

Onions: June, September-November

Onions, green: May-June

 Peas: May-June

Peppers: June-October

Potatoes: July-November

Potatoes, sweet: September-November

Pumpkins: September-November

Radishes, red & white: May-June,


Spinach: May, October-November

Squash, summer: June-October

Squash, winter: September-November

Tomatoes: July-October

Tomatoes, cherry: July-October

Tomatoes, hothouse: May-June

Turnips: September-November

Zucchini, green, yellow: June-October


Apples: summer-November

Blueberries: June-July

Black Currants: limited availability

Cantaloupe: July-September

Cherries, sweet & sour: limited availability

Nectarines: July-September

Peaches: July-September

Pears: September-November

Strawberries: May-June



2015 CSA Membership

Full Season Program

June to November 20 weeks + bonus shares for returning members

2015 CSA Member Applications (returning)

2015 CSA Member Applications (new)

2015 Drop-off/Pick-up Locations


The Farm:  Mount Airy, MD 21771 Thursday 5-7 pm

Germantown: Milestone; Saturday

River Road: near the 495 N ramp; Saturday

McLean, VA: J Gilbert's Old Dominion & Dolley Madison; Saturday

Whole Foods Markets Vienna: 143 Maple Ave East Vienna, VA; Saturday

Falls Church: near the Bowl America on Maple; Saturday

Ballston/Arlington: near Glebe Road/Washington Blvd; Saturday

Navy Yard: near M & 8th Sts; Saturday morning

Capitol Hill: 300 block N. Carolina SE; Saturday morning

Vida Fitness: City Vista; Saturday

Brookland: near the metro; Saturday morning

Columbia Heights: Park & 14th Sts; Saturday morning

Silver Spring: Ga Ave near 495; Saturday early morning

  A government and corporate office delivery program is available.

Contact or call for details.


"feed your soul"